HIV Self-testing Pilot Study in
Kampala, Uganda

This is a pilot study to assess the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary impact of a novel HIVST intervention in Uganda that has 2 primary components: 1) an established 24-hour call-in center staffed by medical providers who will deliver accurate HIV/STI information, perform pre- and post-test counseling assist with conducting HIVST and interpreting the HIVST results, and referral and linkage to appropriate post-test prevention and treatment care; and the 2) the use of SMS and social media streams (e.g., Facebook Messenger, direct messaging using Twitter) to “push” theoretically-grounded messages that promote HIVST and provide additional private communication routes between participants and medical provider research staff.

Grant title: A Pilot Test of a Technology-delivered HIV Self-Testing Intervention in Kampala, Uganda UMN Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility